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Aug 17/15 Monday Night Ride - Bearspaw
Aug 19/15 **Final** Wednesday Night Race - Priddis
Aug 22/15 Saturday Ride - Westside Church
Aug 23/15
Sunday Highwood Pass from Ribbon Creek
Aug 24/15 Monday Night Ride - Bearspaw

Ride to Conquer Cancer
Please support the Ride to Conquer Cancer by buying a poster from rider, artist and recently famous club member Dawn Heinemeyer.
That had to be the best road race for the Crankmasters in decades!
On the Madden/Dog Pound course, that is near and dear to us, the boys put up some results.
Thank you for your contributions to the effort - John, Lewis, Glenn, Dylan and Travis.  And thank you Alex for helping me in the feed zone.  Jeff is giving the thumbs up at the start.  He knew how it would go down!
Hi-lights are:
Callum Galbraith, Cat 4 - 4th (he is in the photo finish, but hiding, his standard tactic for the day)
Jeff Miles, Cat 5 - 3rd
Brian Kozak, Cat 5 - 9th, having lead out Jeff at the finish
Pauline Cound, W3/4/5 - 3rd

C4 Racing - Tour de Bowness Race Report

One Day Club Ride Waiver

This is for those who want to try us for a single ride before deciding to join the club (waiver).
Please print, complete and give to the leader prior to the ride.

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